About us

About company

We are professionals with 15 years of experience on cleaning and knowing how to communicate with our customers to make sure we have the very best outcome. Like any business trying to succeed we challenge ourselves every day in order to learn new technics and strategies.
Unlike other cleaning businesses we also provide home improvement.  How many other companies can say they do that and can give you a guarantee of who you will deal with once we come to your home.
Our reasons are simple, why not deal with one business that does it all, avoid the hassle and excuses that they have to call you back since they are not sure who would be doing the work. With us, we work hard at reassuring our customers everything will be done correctly and quickly. We have years of experience and our loyal customers will back us up,no gimmicks.
Honesty is our number one priority and it will always be our first rule. With so much experience, dedication, determination and a professional attitude its no wonder why we have been succesfull in achieving our goals which are to provide great service at any cost and to help those in need of a helping hand.

Who we are

We are a young company with a great deal of experience in customer satisfaction.
Our staff work hard in maintaining a great attitude and a positive vibe in your home. When we begin our day we make sure to never let our customers down and like any person with a good work ethic we will provide excellent service in order to comply with all rules and suggestions.
Never giving our all is something that we will not tolerate. We feel if we give everything we got we know that we will gain and grow as a business and as friends. Our reputation is very important to us. We are funny when you need to laugh and smile, are hard determined workers when you mean business, and that separates us from all other competitors. Never forgetting that we have an important task, we offer a wide variety of services and we are always learning.
We are licensed to handle a variey of home improvements and insured and bonded. We like to be ahead of the game and be able to offer a lot for our customers,this is who we are

Our mission

It is very simple.

It's to provide great servive, as well as great, honest,and dependable service providers. Be the best in our profession. Challenge all other competitors in skills and knowledge on what it is and what it takes to be good at what we do and why.

Get to know your help

Fernando Santiago

Fernando Santiago
Owner with over 15 years of cleaning and repair experience. He is dedicated to his team and driven by quality. He ensures that his clients experience a highly professional cleaning.

Frances Santiago

Frances Santiago
Co-Owner and Fernando's wife she brings consistent, thorough cleanings, and always brings smiles to their faces with little extras while going above and beyond every time.

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